Tooth inside nasal cavity a case report

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35 years old female patient came with c/o

1. Obstruction to left nose - 1 year

2. Bleeding from left nose - 6 months On examination:

Whitish hard mass seen occupying the floor of left nasal cavity.

It was surrounded by granulation tissue which bled on probing. CT scan showed:

Coronal CT of nose showing tooth

CT scan showing tooth inside nasal cavity

A fully formed tooth was removed.

Image of removed tooth


It is common to have supernumerary teeth. Supernumerary teeth is defined as an extra teeth.

Supernumerary teeth is also known as supplementary dentition. It is commonly seen within the maxillary sinus. palate etc. It was also documented inside the orbit.

Causes of supernumerary dentition:

1. Crowding of teeth due to maxillary abnormalities

2. Dental displacement due to surgery / trauma

Tooth inside the nasal cavity may lead to

1. Foul smelling nasal discharge

2. Chronic sinusitis