Plummer Vinson Syndrome

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Plummer vinson syndrome:

Synonyms: Patterson Brown kelly syndrome, siderophenic dysphagia

Plummer vinson syndrome is a symptom complex which include:

1. Iron deficiency anemia

2. Post cricoid dysphagia

3. Upper oesophageal web

This disorder is common in females of age group between 40 - 70.

This is also considered to be a auto immune phenomenon. This syndrome has also been associated with rheumatoid arthritis, coeliac disease, auto immune thyroiditis.

Clinical features:

1. Intermittent dysphagia - limited to solids, usually felt in the throat

2. Chocking spells and aspiration can occur due to the presence of oesophageal webs

3. Weight loss is common

4. Iron deficiency anemia

5. Angular chelitis

6. Glossitis

7. Koilonychia

These patients are prone to develop post cricoid malignant growth.


1. Barium swallow

2. Oesophagoscopy


1. Iron supplements to treat anaemia

2. Bougies can be used to dilate the post cricoid area.