Nasal polyp

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Nasal polyp: Polyp is a Latin word meaning polypous (many footed).


Polyp is defined as simple oedematous hypertrophied mucosa of the nasal cavity. It can be unilateral / bilateral.

Causes of nasal polyp:

1. Infections

2. Allergy

3. Polyp due to mucovisidosis


Nasal polyp can be classified as:

1. Simple polyp

. Ethmoidal polypi

. Antrochoanal polyp

2. Fungal polyp

3. Malignant polyp

Differences between antrochoanal polyp and ethmoidal polypi

Ethmoidal Polypi A/C Polyp
Seen in adults Seen in children and adolescents
Allergy is the common cause Infection is the common cause
Multiple (bunch of grapes) Unilateral
Arises from ethmoidal labyrinth Arises from maxillary antrum
Seen easily on anterior rhinoscopy Seen commonly in post nasal exam
X ray PNS may show hazy ethmoids and normal maxillary sinuses X ray PNS shows hazy maxillary antrum
Mostly bilateral Usually unilateral
Recurrence is common Recurrence is uncommon
Polypectomy Caldwel luc surgery in recurrent cases