Malignant otitis externa a case report

From Otolaryngology Online

65 years old diabetic male patient


1. Pain in the left ear - 2 years

2. Blood tinged discharge from left ear - 2 years

3. Deviation of angle of mouth to the right - 1 year

Patient was under poor diabetic control


Reddish granulation tissue seen occluding the left external auditory canal.

Tragal tenderness ++

Picture showing granulation tissue occluding the left external canal

Picture showing lower motor neuron type of facial nerve paralysis on the left side


Blood sugar random - 358 mg%

Biopsy of lesion - Inflammatory granulation tissue

CT scan temporal bones - soft tissue mass seen occluding the external auditory canal on the left side. The same mass was seen extending in to the left middle ear cavity.

Pseudomonas organism was grown in culture from secretions from the left ear

Clinical diagnosis: Malignant otitis externa left ear


1. Diabetic control

2. Injection carbenicillin was administered parenterally