Indications for sinus surgery

From Otolaryngology Online

Indications for sinus surgery:

I Inflammatory disorders: Chronic sinusitis

Acute sinusitis with complications

Recurrent acute sinusitis

Sinonasal polyposis (Hyperplastic sinusitis)


Allergic fungal sinusitis

II Rhinological headaches which are resistant to medical management

III Orbital causes:

Exophthalmos (severe)

Nasolacrimal duct obstruction

IV Miscellaneous causes:

CSF rhinorrhoea

Severe epistaxis

Choanal atresia / stenosis

V Neoplastic diseases:Benign tumors - (osteoma, hemangiopericytoma, JNA and pituitary tumors)

Malignant tumors ( for biopsy and excision)