Dermoid cyst of nose an interesting case report

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25 year old male patient came with complaints of discharging sinus involving the middle of the dorsum of nose - 15 years

Gave H/O surgery for swelling over nose - 10 years back ? Incision & drainage

On examination:

As shown in the photograph there was a midline sinus over the dorsum of nose. Serous discharge could be seen coming out.

Another sinus could also be seen over the right side of forehead over the frontal sinus area. Discharge could be seen coming out.

The discharge from the forehead was foul smelling in nature.

Clincial photograph

MRI showing dermoid cyst

MRI showing dermoid cyst

The sinus was approached via an intercartilagenous incision. The dermoid tract was identified and was found filled with hair. The same tract could be seen extending to the interior of right frontal sinus. For better visibility the frontal sinus anterior table was opened via Lynch Howarth incision on the right side. The frontal sinus was found filled with hair and purulent material. The same was removed. The frontal sinus mucosa was curetted out and the sinus cavity was obliterated with fat.


A dermoid cyst is defined as a cystic teratoma containing developmentally mature skin complete with hair follicles and sweat glands. In some cases long hair will also be seen. Sometimes teeth, bone, and nails could also be found inside. In this type of midline lesion the presence of enchaphalocele should always be ruled out. That is the reason for MRI scan in this patient.