Causes & treatment of chronic nasal obstruction

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Diagnosis Treatment
Nasal bone fracture Reduction
Turbinate hypertrophy Decongestants, turbinoplasty, turbinate resection, radio frequency reduction, debrider assisted turbinate reduction
Septal perforation Buttons, advancement flaps, inferior turbinate flap
Nasal valve collapse Adhesive supporting strips, naso-orbital suspension of nasal valve, valvular reconstruction with spreader grafts
Choanal atresia Transpalatal repair, endoscope assisted repair
Neoplasm Resection
Nasal polyposis Polypectomy, topical steroids
Tip Ptosis Cartilage graft to support the tip
Allergic Rhinitis Allergen avoidance, desensitization, antihistamines, topical steroids
Septal hematoma I&D, antibiotics
Septal abscess I&D, antibiotics
Nasal foreign body Removal
Rhinoscleroma Tetracycline (early), surgical resection of fibrotic material
Rhinitis Medicamentosa Avoidance of nasal decongestants, topical steroids

Mucormycosis Debridement, antifungal drugs
Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome UPPV