Buttress system of midface

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The buttress system of midface is formed by strong frontal, maxillary, zygomatic and sphenoid bones and their attachments to one another. The central midface contains many fragile bones that could easily crumble when subjected to strong forces. These fragile bones are surrounded by thicker bones of the facial buttress system lending it some strength and stability.

Components of Buttress system:

For better understanding the components of the facial buttress system have been divided into:

1. Vertical buttresses 2. Horizontal buttresses

Vertical buttress: These buttresses are very well developed.

They include:

1. Nasomaxillary

2. Zygomaticomaxillay

3. Pterygomaxillay

4. Vertical mandible

Majority of the forces absorbed by midface are masticatory in nature. Hence the vertical buttresses are well developed in humans.

Horizontal buttresses:

These buttresses interconnect and provide support for the vertical buttresses. They include:

1. Frontal bar

2. Infraorbital rim & nasal bones

3. Hard palate & maxillary alveolus