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Welcome to Otolaryngology Wiki.

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Welcome to Otolaryngology wiki.

This is all in one portal for Otolaryngology resources. Students and otolaryngologists will find this site very useful. All important topics in otolaryngology are discussed here.

For easy browsing the topics are arranged into various categories. These categories can be seen in the side bar of this wiki. Wiki is a popular educational medium. This was originally used to code the popular online encyclopedia (Wikipedia). I have been using wiki to power my educational resources online for nearly 5 years.

This site is meant for the students and practitioners of otolaryngology. This site does not contain any patient education resources.

This site is being maintained by:

Professor Dr Balasubramanian Thiagarajan

Email me

A Classroom has been thrown open for the benefit of students to enable them to learn from home during these difficult times.

Access details:


Class code: ube4w26

After going to the google class room by clicking the link above pl key in the class code given.