Pleomorphic adenoma palate an interesting case report

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Clinical details:

60 years old female came with complaints of:

Swelling over palate region - 5 years (growth slow and progressive)

Change in voice - 3 years

Nasal regurgitation of fluids - 1 year

On and off bleeding from the palatal mass - 6 months

On examination:

A large swelling seen over the right side of soft palate about 3 inches / 2 inches in dimension. Mucosa over the swelling was intact but for a small whitish patch - (? healed ulcerated area)

Picture showing mass in the palate

CT scan showed:

Encapsulated mass present over the submucosal plane of soft palate

There was no evidence of bone erosion

There was also evidence of calcification inside the tumor mass.

CT scan showing the lesion

Surgical Excision was planned.

Patient was put in Rose position.

Mouth of the patient was opened with Boyle's Davis mouth gag.

Mucosal overlying the mass was excised using cutting diathermy.

Phtograph showing the incision.

Photo showing the excised mass.