Fibrous dysplasia posterior ethmoid with blindness a case report

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48 years old male patient came with complaints of loss of vision left eye - 6 months duration.

Persistent left nasal block - 4 years

Discharge from left nose - 4 years

Head ache more on the left side - 5 years (Deep boring in nature)

Past history:

No history of epistaxis

No history of loss of smell

On examination:

Anterior rhinoscopy was unremarkable.

Post nasal examination normal.

Vision was absent in the left eye.

CT scan plain axial cut paranasal sinuses show heterodense mass arising from left posterior ethmoid air cells extending up to the anterior face of sphenoid. The mass could be seen compressing the left optic nerve. Diagnosis (Fibrous dysplasia)

MRI showing mass arising from posterior ethmoidal air cells on the left side compressing the left optic nerve.


This patient was taken up for endoscopic surgery. The mass from the left side of the nasal cavity was progressively drilled out under endoscopic vision.